Integrations Elevate Your CRM Experience

Minimizing the number of apps you manage streamlines your business operations. Leedly's CRM is designed to consolidate your sales and marketing tools.

While Leedly covers a broad range of business processes, we recognize the need for integration with external systems, especially for functions outside CRM and marketing scopes. We offer direct integrations, compatibility with Zapier, and robust API and Webhook capabilities for comprehensive integration.

Incorporating Leedly CRM into your existing business framework is another step towards simplifying and enhancing your business growth.

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Email Integration

Achieve full synchronization between Leedly and your email client with CRM email integration. Once connected, your emails, whether sent from Leedly, your desktop email client, or your mobile device, will sync across all platforms.

Learn More about integrating your email with Leedly, including advanced marketing automation workflows and comprehensive views of entire conversation threads linked to accounts or opportunities.

Social Media Integrations

Link all your social media accounts and manage your posts in just a few clicks. You can even post on behalf of others, expanding your digital footprint. If you manage multiple social accounts, Leedly simplifies grouping and allows you to create groups for your authenticated customers as well.

Direct Integrations

Leedly offers essential direct integrations with popular third-party platforms:

Slack Integration - Enhance communication and collaboration by linking Leedly with Slack. Easily share information and updates between Leedly and your Slack channels.

Trello Integration - Integrate project management seamlessly with Leedly. Sync tasks, projects, and client information between Trello boards and Leedly for a unified workflow.

Mailchimp Integration - Connect your email marketing efforts with Leedly. Sync contacts and campaign results between Mailchimp and Leedly, enabling refined email strategies and audience targeting.

Salesforce Integration - Achieve a powerful combination of CRM capabilities by integrating Salesforce with Leedly. This integration allows for an exchange of customer data and sales insights, enhancing client relationship management and sales tracking.

Each of these integrations is designed to extend Leedly's functionality, ensuring a more connected and efficient business ecosystem.

CRMS Integrations with ZappyChat

Versatile Page Integration

ZappyChat isn't bound by limitations. Our platform allows you to integrate with various pages, providing a dynamic and adaptive solution for your unique needs. Whether it's your website, e-commerce store, landing pages, or custom applications, ZappyChat ensures a smooth integration process.

Supported CRMS Systems

ZappyChat supports a wide range of CRMS systems, facilitating a comprehensive integration experience. Whether you use Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, or any other popular CRM platform, ZappyChat ensures that your communication channels are synchronized for optimal efficiency.

Connect with Confidence:

Salesforce Integration: Streamline your sales processes by integrating ZappyChat with Salesforce for a unified approach to customer relationship management.HubSpot Integration:

Leverage the power of HubSpot by integrating with ZappyChat, creating a seamless connection between your marketing, sales, and customer service teams.

Leedly's API

Develop custom integrations between Leedly and your proprietary systems. Here are some ways to leverage Leedly's API:

Synchronize your database contacts.Import and manage your email templates.Send or schedule emails through our API, utilizing Leedly's built-in email templates.Customize email sections using custom fields and templates to target specific list segments.Stay updated with webhooks for email activities like sends, opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes.

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