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Capitalize on Every Lead

Have you ever felt frustrated watching promising leads slip through the net? What if you could automatically nurture every lead that comes your way, engaging them across every channel until they convert? That's precisely what our cutting-edge Automated Lead Generation software enables you to do.

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Generate More Leads Across Multiple Channels

Today's buyers want personalized, omni-channel experiences. Leedly empowers you to connect with prospects across these seven key channels:

SMS, Email, Voicemail, Calls, Facebook Messenger, Google Maps, Website Chat.

Reaching out across these channels significantly expands your lead pool. Prospects engage on their channel of choice, leading to more conversions.

Identify Hot Leads Faster

Not all leads are created equal. With our software, you don't have to waste time on prospects who aren't interested.

Our multi-channel tracking gives you a complete picture of how each lead engages with your outreach. See who opens emails, listens to voicemails, clicks links, and takes other key actions.

Increase Response Rates

Following up with each lead is often necessary to convert them into a sale. But until now, there hasn't been an efficient way to follow up at scale. Our software changes the game. By automatically sending scheduled, personalized messages across channels, we nurture leads until they convert.

When you're able to engage prospects across channels for weeks or months at a time without any additional work, conversions inevitably follow. The more we automate follow-ups, the more sales you'll win.

Nurture Leads With Personalized Follow-Ups

Our software completely automates your follow-ups so you can nurture every lead consistently over time.
What's more, you can set it and forget it. Our tool will follow your leads across every channel on complete autopilot while you focus on other priorities.

Lead Scoring and Intelligence to Focus on Top Prospects

Manually trying to determine which leads deserve the most attention is virtually impossible at scale. Our software takes the guesswork out with automated lead scoring and management.

We automatically score and tag leads based on engagement data, so you can instantly see which prospects are worth prioritizing. By focusing only on hot, engaged prospects, you'll waste zero time chasing leads that go nowhere. Leedly lets you dedicate your efforts to getting more leads with real conversion potential.

How It Works

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