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With tailored campaigns, intelligent lead scoring, and real-time analytics, Leedly enables you to work smarter - not harder.

Connect With Every Customer, Every Time

It's a simple fact - the more you engage with prospects, the more sales you make. But following up manually takes a lot of time and effort. And businesses miss out on revenue that automated outreach could have captured.

What if you could nurture campaigns by automatically staying top of mind with prospects across every channel? Now you can with Leedly.

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Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Leedly is automated lead nurturing software. It empowers you to engage prospects instantly. With Leedly, you can:

- Create unlimited automated campaigns personalized to each prospect's needs.

- Craft compelling messages tailored for each outreach channel.

- Develop complete customer journeys with timed nurture content.

- See real-time analytics to optimize follow-ups on the fly.

- Never lose another lead due to lack of engagement.

In short, Leedly takes the hassle out of follow-up so you can focus on selling.

Key Benefits of Lead Nurturing

Consistent outreach across channels is essential for sales, but managing follow-up manually has serious downsides:

It's time-consuming and reduces productivityImportant tasks can fall through the cracksLeads lose interest, and sales opportunities are lostThere's no data to optimize messaging and strategy. Our software solves these issues by fully automating coordinated outreach based on each lead's unique preferences and requirements. And Leedly doesn't just nurture campaigns for better results. It uses marketing automation to reach prospects across these seven key channels:


Regular email updates keep you top of mind while delivering valuable content.


Texting has one of the highest response rates, and alerts keep prospects engaged.

Social Messenger

Meet customers where they are by messaging them directly on networks like Facebook.


Personalized voicemails let you follow up even when they can't pick up.

Phone Calls

Innovative calling features like callbacks and recording maximize your time.


Website chat reminders bring leads back to close the deal.

Local Marketing

Connect via platforms like Google Maps to engage nearby prospects. With Leedly handling follow-ups on autopilot, you can stop worrying about leads going cold.

Use Data to Inform Decisions

Leedly also collects data on message impact and channel effectiveness. See at a glance which content and outreach perform best.

With this complete suite of nurture marketing capabilities, Leedly provides the automated coordination you need to accelerate deals and skyrocket satisfaction.

How It Works

Getting started with Leedly is pretty straightforward.

Step One: Get in Touch

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Step Two: Learn How Leedly Can Help Your Business

We'll demonstrate what Leedly can do to give you the opportunity to see if it has what you're looking for.

Subscription Pricing

Leedly is available on a monthly subscription plan. Please schedule a demo call with a member of the team to learn more about pricing.

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