Drive Sales With Targeted Ads and a Remarketing Campaign

Reconnect and convert more leads into customers with the power of Leedly's remarketing campaigns.

Struggling to Convert Leads?

Are you struggling to convert leads into paying customers? Do promising prospects fall through the cracks after initial contact? It's so frustrating when hard-earned leads don't turn into sales! The problem is that manually following up is time-consuming, ineffective, and not scalable.

That's where Leedly comes in. It's a simple solution for boosting sales through the power of a remarketing campaign.

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Turn Cold Leads Hot Again

Leedly makes it easy to turn cold leads hot again through ongoing, automatic communication across every channel that matters. With just a few clicks, our software lets you create and automate tailored drip campaigns to re-engage visitors, leads, and customers. No coding required!

Target Leads With Custom Content

Imagine this common scenario. A promising lead visits your website, downloads an ebook but never returns. Or someone inquires about your product via chat but goes radio silent after an initial response.

These leads clearly show interest, but without effective follow-up, they slip away. If you fail to reconnect, the likelihood of closing a sale diminishes significantly.

Manually reaching out is hugely inefficient, but lack of follow-up kills conversion rates. Lost leads mean lost revenue. And with no re-engagement, you miss tremendous opportunities to drive repeat purchases from existing customers.

Remarketing Solutions

Leedly remarketing handles all the heavy lifting for you. Our automated system makes it simple to turn former leads and customers into sales through the power of automated cross-channel nurturing.

Leedly makes it easy to:

Create custom campaigns to re-engage past leads, Reconnect automatically across every channel, Remind customers about your brand and increase repeat purchases.

The bottom line? Leedly helps you successfully increase profits through the power of automated re-marketing.

How the Process Works

We make it easy to improve your remarketing and customer engagement:

Step 1: Request a Demo

Schedule a demo to see our automated multi-channel follow-up software in action. Our specialists will give you a personalized walkthrough and help you assess your business needs.

Step 2: Maximize Your Results

Work with our team to set up your custom follow-up flows across SMS, email, voice, chat, and more. We'll help you optimize for maximum conversions. Then, sit back and watch your response rates and sales take off!

Pricing Packages

Speak to the team to learn more about our subscription packages - and take advantage of our risk-free trial to experience the software firsthand.

Never Let Another Lead Slip Away!

Don't let promising leads and sales slip away due to a lack of follow-up. Use a remarketing campaign to ensure every opportunity gets the engagement it deserves.

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